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Why choose Trace Apparel?

For more than two decades, professional clothier Tracy Green has been helping discerning professional look their absolute best. His clientele includes C-suite executives, accomplished attorneys, financial advisors, and everyday businessmen. Chances are, if you live, work, or play in the greater Hartford area, maybe in the board room or at the country club, you’ve probably seen his work and just didn’t know it. You know the guy, the one with the perfectly cut sport coat and trousers that looks so good on him that you actually noticed! You just know it he didn’t buy it off the rack…

And now, with this exclusive offer for new clients, you can experience what it’s like to be that guy! Best of all, you’ll save FIVE HUNDRED to A THOUSAND DOLLARS or more off the regular price of this truly white-glove service every businessman should experience!! Here’s what you get…

Superior Convenience & Service Excellence

Tracy Green, professional clothier for more than 20 years, will come to you! Whether you prefer to have him come to your home or your office, once you book your appointment, you can expect fast, courteous service. He’ll take your measurements, like only a truly experienced clothier can, to ensure an excellent fit.

Noticeable Style – Your New Secret Weapon

Why settle for boring, off the rack products that often don’t fit right? Imagine, instead of going to the mall or a department store where you have limited styles and colors to choose from, you’re able to highlight your personal taste and style by selecting your own, high-quality, fabric! You’ll be giving your wardrobe the upgrade YOU deserve! Quality and a great fit (Guaranteed?)! [fit and quality of product] – we will take it back and remake it

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your image and get back to your life in style! Simply select the offer you want from the drop-down menu below and complete the booking request form today! You’ll be happy you did!

Once you submit the form, Trace or a member of his professional staff will contact you within 24 hours or less to schedule your fitting at the location of your choice!